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Scoop 21 is Yackandandah's first and only ice cream shop & cafe employing people with special needs. We aim to be an inclusive and safe work environment for those who usually struggle to find meaningful employment. We opened up in February 2020 and would love for you all to come meet our team and support our cause.



......more than just ice cream

We have an unique range of artisan ice cream and sorbets. All made by passionate people from the wider Yackandandah region. All our dairy based ice cream is made by James and his family at Gundowring. Their award winning products have taken over Australia by storm- and we are proud to represent them! We also stock delicious Italian sorbets made by Andrea and his team at Topolino Gelateria in Wodonga.

By using only the finest ingredients and a no-fuss approach - quality is unmatched.
Flavours vary and depend on what is in season. We stock a few all time classics along with some more exotic flavours.

Besides our ice cream we do specialty coffees by Change Coffee, amazing home made smoothies & cakes and we cater for breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner.

Our ever changing daily menu also goes with the flow of the seasons and depends largely on what our team of legends feels like creating that day. We like to keep it simple, local and fresh. With menu items such as pancakes, toasties, salads, various rolls and the occasional curry or soup of the day we aim to provide classic fare- fairly priced and just like home. 

You will definitely find something at SCOOP 21 that tickles your fancy !



We're using a humble cup of coffee as a force for global change. Our trusty Nuovo Simonelli coffee machine pumps out a decent cuppa. Not only is our coffee fair trade and popular with our customers, 100% of Change Coffee’s profits fund life-changing projects for women in 3th world countries.

Assisting with opportunities to up-skill and gain new opportunities to make a living. Because women who improve their own quality of life have proven to change their communities as well.

Choose coffee that favours humanity! Learn more at

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Wednesday - Sunday 9ish to 5ish

see our Facebook page for special events and promotions 




Stefan has worked and travelled all over the globe. From kayak instructor to dish pig, delivery driver to farm hand. A Jack of all trades, master of none. Well....... he is a qualified physio- but that involves sitting in a little room all day.

After settling in Australia 5 years ago he ended up working in disability care but realised quickly there was lots of potential being wasted. Inspired by shows as

' Employable Me' and the successful 'Brownies & Downies' franchise based in the Netherlands he decided to take the gamble and start Scoop21.

With the business he wants to help people find meaningful work and have a laugh & build friendships at the same time. He enjoys cooking, tinkering in his shed, lifting others' spirits and playing with his dog Ziggy. He rides his push bike without a helmet, because he is Dutch. A bit stressed out at times - but a real goer who follows his intuition. 


The Boss

Jessee is Stefans partner and her fathers side of the family hails from the Yackandandah region. She grew up at her parents' cherry orchard  & vineyard in Eldorado. Still managing the yearly cherry harvest with Stefan and a team of friends

Jess is a graphic designer by trade and works together with her sister from their design studio in neighbouring Beechworth. You will see her frequently at the Eldorado Road cellar door as well. 

Jess has a heart of gold and a 'can do ' attitude. She has lost her wallet, keys and phone more often than you had hot dinners- but always manages to keep her head cool and make things work out. Without her support and assistance there would be no SCOOP 21 ! 

In her free time she likes reading, gardening and has an interest in sustainable design and fashion.

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Master of disaster

Nik has been working at Purple Chicken in Albury and has since landed his first real job with us. Nik is friendly, likes to keep things tidy and is always on time. In his free time he likes to play video games and help other people.



Riddim Selectah

Brooke lives on a farm in Wooraagee and works with us on Wednesday. She is down to earth like no other and likes to select the music we play in the shop. 
When she has time off she likes to look after animals on the farm. Her favourite flavour ice cream is blackberry.



Jacob likes to crack a joke or two. He is very happy & cheeky generally. This man works 4 jobs - and just can't get enough. He is into movies and watching the AFL. His favourite team are the St. Kilda Saints




Keegan is very friendly and loves a chat, she lives in Leneva with her dad Dave and her mum Pam, two dogs some cows and several chooks. Whenever she's not rocking the party at Scoop21 she does housework for her mum. Her favourite band is the Rolling Stones- you're hired!


Smiley face

Maia lives independently in Wodonga and is a keen photographer. She currently works 2 afternoons at Scoop21. She is always smiling and relaxed. Besides taking photos she likes hiking and keeping track of her exercise with her FitBit



Mr Cool

Samuel is a Yackandandah local who made the move to the big smoke (Wodonga)- he is very switched on and takes initiative helping our other team members feel welcome. In his spare time he is a keen 3D printer, designer and loves SciFi movies and novels.



George is a local 15 year old and this is his very first job. He goes to Beechworth secondary college and helps us out on Sunday mornings. He is quick, always looking for a job to do and works very methodically. His favourite ice cream is ''definitely chocolate'' he likes to go  camping with his dad and play video games.



Bakers Delight

Alice loves to bake - and she feels right at home here at Scoop21. She can be a bit shy at times, but has a lovely smile. During the week she goes to Grace College and on Saturdays she works with us. Her dad Matt and her brother Josiah are big fans of our mango ice cream.


Ideas generator

Thomas or ' Tom' is a perfectionist and full of great ideas for the shop. He rides his bike to work and lives just down the road with his parents. In his spare time he likes to play computer games and write stories. Very abrupt and likes to cut to the point. No time to mess about with Tom.

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